TruMatic L 3020



The 2D laser cutting machine works on the principle of "flying optics" meaning that a high machine speed and accuracy can be achieved. Working range (the plate size) is 1500 x 3000 mm and maximum worked material thicknesses are 20 mm for mild steel, 12 mm for stainless steel and 6 mm for aluminium.


Technical details

Series: TRUMPF TruMatic L 3020 CNC 2D laser machine
Power: 3200W
Maximum material dimensions: 1500 х 3000 mm
Materials: black, galvanized, stainless and aluminum sheets
Maximum material thickness: aluminium - 8 mm
stainless steel - 12 mm
carbon steel - 20 mm

Precision: ±0,05mm*
* depending on the lenght and thickness of the products

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